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Multifamily Energy and Water Management Toolkit

The following toolkit is intended to help improve energy and water management and reduce costs, spending and environmental impacts over the long‐term, while helping to preserve affordable properties. The toolkit is designed to be used by organizations with different levels of experience and capacity in the area of energy and water management. Tools can be downloaded and used sequentially to launch or relaunch across-the-board energy and water management efforts, or can be selected and used individually to assist with specific initiatives already underway. The toolkit is intended to complement other available resources and includes references to other related tools following the table of contents introduction. The tools are grouped into four areas: Portfolio Energy and Water Strategy, Operations and Maintenance, Utility Tracking and Energy and Water Initiatives.
Benchmarking Incentives O&M Portfolio Upgrade Property Management Utility Incentives & Programs Water

Developing a long term portfolio strategy for investing in energy efficiency

There are many discrete financial and regulatory events that may prompt an owner to upgrade a Multifamily building. However, in general, there are a few specific events in a Multifamily building’s Lifecycle when it is typically more cost effective, convenient and efficient to make savings and energy improvements.
Portfolio Upgrade Retrofit

What are the Motivators in Multifamily for Energy Management?

If you have even casually looked into energy management services for your portfolio, have you noticed the wide range of opinions and options? The differences are more significant than simply positioning. It is a more difficult (and meaningful) choice than asking “Do I want a Coke? Or Pepsi?”
Non-Energy Benefits Portfolio Upgrade